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Post Surgery Bras on Clothes Rack

The right recovery bra can make a significant difference in the healing process, providing comfort and support for sensitive areas. This bra is designed with the wearers comfort in mind, offering a soft and gentle touch on the skin without causing any irritation


easy front fastening

soft on the skin organic stretch jersey

purposefully designed action back for extra comfort and movement

pocketed cups for prosthesis

Pink Bra Icon
Black Bra Icon
Pink Bra Icon
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yellow be my sunshine post surgery recovery bra front clasp
purple hearts post surgery recovery front clasp bra
watercolour purple flowers post surgery recovery front clasp bra
red hearts post surgery recovery front clasp bra
front fastening mastectomy bras

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Sam Breastwear Founder

Hi! I'm the founder and creator of breastwear, for women who want to be beautiful inside and out in
post surgery bras

Sam x

Before my own breast cancer diagnosis, I’d never considered just how much this disease impacts your life. From the time you find out that you have the “Big C”, your life revolves around appointments, decisions and waiting. At a time when the very essence of your womanhood and femininity is being stretched, prodded and at times resented, it is easy to lose yourself.

I had my mastectomy five years ago, the only post op bras I could find were functional but oh so plain and boring.

I wish Breastwear was available at that time. It’s clear that there has been considerable care and empathy invested into this design. The fabric feels so good against your skin, with a design that supports you to move with comfort and ease and a design that reminds you that you are beautiful and more than your diagnosis and post op treatments.

With a range of designs to match your style, it’s a small thing that makes a lasting impression.


I would recommend Breastwear to my friends in a heartbeat.

Thanks, Sam, for making this hurdle easier.

Carole Linton (Lobular Breast Cancer survivor)

Richmond Vic

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